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Podcasts about the trucking industry, indie music, current news and opinions from from a 40 something year old truck driver with 27 years of driving experience.
May occasionally talk about paranormal and religious themes as well. Political views are from a libertarian/conservative side.

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    Henry Metal NR039

    Henry Metal is one of the most exciting new artists in rock and his new album, "War In Heaven," was out everywhere January 1, 2018.

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    Andy Michels NR038

    Hey all, Zira here. Unkle Bonehead is nursing a bad toothache this week so he asked me to go ahead and put together the return of intro radio. And since he is the boss I guess I should probably do what he says, or rather he mumbled it at me this time. Ha Ha See artificial intelligences can be snarky too!

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    TN-020 Paid Parking

    I dive into my feelings on the whole paid parking fiasco that seems to be running rampant in the industry right now. All while getting unloaded at a warehouse in Newport, MI.

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    TN 019 Proper Piss Bottle Etiqutte-Pissing me off

    Last episode I mentioned that I would do some CB interviews. I still havent had time to do one yet. I will eventually get them started.

    I also said I would play my Ghost Riders in the Sky cover that I started working on and didnt. So even though I havent done anything with it either since then I will play at least the first part of it. I did do a song that is all midi with no guitars and it turned out really well in my opinion. I’ll play that at the end.

    For now lets talk about a growing problem that has got to stop or change. Piss bottles.

    Stop peeing in bottles! There are toilets for that!

    Now I understand there are some legitimate reasons to use a bottle.

    1. Medical-Kidney or bladder infection/disease. Frequent urination is a sign of diabetes as well as some venereal disease.
    2.  Disability-You are physically disabled and getting in and out the truck is extreme chore.

    Non legitimate reasons

    1. Your too fat-chances are you have diabetes and you need to get that taken care of. You cant physically cant get in or out of the truck to do it.
    2. Your too lazy to walk- which will make you more fat. (see number 1) I’ve seen perfectly capable guys or gals piss in a bottle instead of walking to the bathroom because they had to park out on the back row and they just didn’t want to walk. I’ve also seen guys and gals park on the back row and limp/shuffle/waddle all the way to the building because they had a disability or crutches and should’ve been able to park in the handicap spot that had some lazy young driver parked in it.

    So if you must use a bottle lets talk about some etiquette

    1. Get the right sized bottle. Go for the bigger mouth bottles. ie the big tea or juice bottles or better yet get a gallon jug of water. You need it anyways for drinking and doing dishes/cleaning.
    2. After you empty that jug you can use smaller bottles to empty it to make it easier to dispose of your waste. Just put the smaller bottles in a plastic bag(double bag it if you can) and throw those away. In a trash can!
    3. Dont leave a full gallon of piss sitting next to the trashcan at the fuel island. Take it one of the trashcans located around the lot and PUT IT IN THE CAN not next to it.
    4. Dont leave your piss bottles on the ground next to your truck. You get out at some point so throw it in a trashcan along with the rest of your trash.
    5. Dont pee in the big 32 or 44 oz cups then just dump it out the door. Remember that there are other drivers and mechanics that have to crawl under trucks to fix broken shit. It might even be you or your truck. So have some respect for others.
    6. Here’s the big one. DONT DO IT WHILE DRIVING! Not only is it dangerous but if you are like the average male what you think is a firehose is actually more like a lady finger firecracker. You will pee all over your hands, seat floor board and just imagine what a mess you will have if you hit a pothole!

    If drivers are as upset as they say they are about all this paid parking capitalization going on since the elog mandate then its up to us to police ourselves about keeping parking areas clean. If you see someone doing something stupid such as pissing on the pavement or throwing trash and piss bottles on the ground then say something to

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    Episode 018

    Just a quick episode I recorded a 3 weeks ago at the time of this posting. I was sitting in a dock getting loaded and wanted to try to record with the on board mics of the Zoom R16. Worked out pretty good with some magic from Reaper.  I also played a couple of songs that I am working on. 

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    TN-017 Ready for the Blitz?

    I know its been nearly a month since a real show. But I have been extremely busy. I had to put Clifford out to pasture. Well, not him per say but the truck part of him. We are in a rental truck from Ryder till at least August or September when the new trucks start rolling in. The one I get may not be brand new because I am still kinda down on the totem pole in seniority but at least it will be a Peterbuilt. I was promised. I’ll just be glad to get out of this Volvo.

    Goodbye ol’buddy. I already miss this truck!

    I am trying a different way of recording this week. I just got a Zoom R16 mobile recorder/interface/control surface and have been playing with it all day. I got this so I can record in the truck during the week. It can act as an interface to your computer to get audio in and out of the computer and it can also record straight to an SD card. It will also work as a control surface for your DAW so you can control the faders, pan, start, stop, etc without having to use the mouse or memorize keyboard shortcuts. And just for my nerdy Linux friends it works 100% with the latest AV Linux 2018 straight out of the box. Nothing to install nothing to download no kernel to recompile. Its just frickin awesome. Oh its got a ton of effects built into it. I can go more in depth at a later time. Lets just say that my workflow just got a major improvement. I will be recording on the Zoom and then importing the files into Ardour, Reaper or Studio One to master and convert to mp3.

    I’m also going to share a song with you at the end. It’s called “Hammer On Down”. It’s an original song from me and is a work in progress. It will eventually have lyrics. It’s kinda different than what I usually write being its somewhat countrified. I call it Hybrid Country. Its hard rock but still has that back woodsy, grab a beer and lets do something stupid feel to it.
    Working lyrics for the chorus is as follows.

    Fire up that engine
    Get that truck a runnin
    Roll in another town
    Time to move along now
    Hammer on down.

    Lets get this thing rolling!
    Heres the links.

    Providing real-time counts of parking spaces

    Hours flexibility OK’d to park after leaving shipper or receiver

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    Ep016-Cliffords Last Ride

    It’s a sad and happy day for me. I have to say goodbye to a great friend but it wont be all bad. I am saying goodbye to Clifford tomorrow. His last ride was last week and I am cleaning him out this afternoon and taking him to the yard for the last time. Sadly he his going to be put out to pasture. No more pavement pounding for him. He’s too old and worn out to keep sinking money into him. The thing that sucks the most is that I have to drive a short term lease till my new truck arrives in August or September. But I will gladly wait for it because I am told it’s going to be a Peterbuilt 587. I don’t know what I will be driving in the meantime. I just hope it’s not a Volvo. I’ve never been a fan of those. Don’t get me wrong they are good trucks but they just don’t suit my taste. But I will tell you about it.

    Trucker tips waitress $2,000 on Mother’s Day

    More than 500 truckers participate in annual Make-A-Wish Mother’s Day Convoy

     My Playlist on Listen Notes



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    Episode 015 Getting things off my chest


    I didnt realize when I hit the post button that I hadnt uploaded the mp3 yet. So if you dont see it refresh your feed.

    I also need to throw out a NSFW warning. There is cussing in this episode!

    Its good to be back. I didn’t get to record last weekend because I took the family to see Avengers:Infinity Wars. I won’t spoil it for you but I will say its like the comics only different. Awesome movie though and it contains more than a few curveballs but still retains enough of the comics to keep people satisfied.

    In this episode I’m gonna get a couple gripes off my chest, play a couple of videos and have a good laugh. I hope I don’t end up rambling your ears off too long and I will try to keep it around a normal episode. Also I got a new cover song for you. Its Boy in Love by BTS, a kpop group that is really starting to go HUGE worldwide. My daughter is a huge fan (they are called “Army”) and approves of my cover so that means a lot to me. I’ll play it at the end as always.

    Now lets do some bitching!


    1. Stay out of the left lane! Slower traffic keep right is a law in EVERY state. If you can’t do the speed limit be professional and courteous. Don’t pass when there is a bunch of traffic backed up already. Wait till it clears. Not just being professional here but I’m thinking from a safety pov here. The longer that 2 trucks are side by side the more things can go wrong. Breakdowns on the shoulder, deer, somebody crosses the median, etc.
    2. Help other drivers back up when in a tight situation. Not only for protecting your equipment but also if you are waiting for them to back in so you can get going. Back to being a professional.
    3. Don’t drive stupid. 4 times this week I was cut off by another truck who either didn’t look in the mirror, just figured I would slow down and let them out or they just didn’t care if they got ass packed by me.
    4. Contrary to what most people think its not a race on the interstate. No matter if you lost time in construction zones or heavy traffic. Once you lose time you will never gain it back. The best thing to do is stay consistent and keep the left door shut. Every time you stop you will lose an average of 15 minutes just getting off and back on the interstate. Plus the time you were stopped.
    6. Don’t take your 10 off at the fuel island. Saw a driver do this with my own 2 eyes at the Loves in Ina, IL.
    7. Either take a stand against paid parking and bitch at the assholes throwing trash on the lots or pay for the parking and shut up. I’m personally against the paid parking but when guys throw their piss bottles and trash on the ground instead of walking the length of the trailer to
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